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Tone Stack Calculator Online

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A Tone Stack Calculator is an essential tool for anyone involved in creating, adjusting, or maintaining audio equipment. But what exactly is this calculator and how does it function? Let’s find out.


A Tone Stack Calculator is a software or digital tool, often embedded within websites, used to calculate the frequency response of an audio amplifier’s tone stack. A tone stack is an essential part of an amplifier, responsible for shaping the tonal characteristics of the output signal.

How Does a Tone Stack Calculator Work?

The calculator uses a specific formula – usually associated with the Baxandall tone stack to determine the output voltage based on various inputs. These inputs include input voltage, resistance, and capacitance values. The user can anticipate how changes will affect the frequency response by tweaking these values.

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The Underlying Formula

The Calculator relies on a mathematical formula:

Vout = Vin * ((R1/Ri) * (1 + (R3/R2)) * (1/(1 + (R4/R3))) * (1/(1 + (1/(R5C5)(R4/R3))))

Here, Vin is the input voltage, Vout is the output voltage, R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5 are resistance values, C5 is the capacitance value, and Ri is the input resistance. This formula represents the inherent interaction within a tone stack circuit.

An Example

Let’s say you have the following values: Vin=2V, R1=10kΩ, R2=22kΩ, R3=47kΩ, R4=33kΩ, R5=100kΩ, C5=10nF, and Ri=220kΩ. Plugging these values into the calculator will yield the amplifier’s output voltage and adjusted frequency response.


Audio Engineering

They are widely used in audio engineering for designing and fine-tuning audio amplifiers and sound systems.

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Guitar Amplifier Design

They’re integral in guitar amplifier design, allowing for precise control over the tonal output.

Sound System Optimization

In sound system optimization, they’re used to achieve the ideal sound for different environments.

FAQs About Tone Stack Calculators

What is a Tone Stack Calculator?

A Tone Stack Calculator is a digital tool used to calculate a tone stack’s output voltage and frequency response in an audio amplifier based on input voltage, resistance, and capacitance values.

Why is a Tone Stack Calculator important?

A Tone Stack Calculator is vital for anyone involved in designing, constructing, or adjusting audio amplifiers. It allows for precise control and fine-tuning of the amplifier’s tonal output.


The Calculator is vital for any audio enthusiast or professional. Its ability to calculate the frequency response of a tone stack based on various inputs helps in designing, building, and tweaking audio amplifiers. Understanding its workings can open up new avenues in your audio engineering journey.

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