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LC Oscillator Calculator Online

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The LC Oscillator Calculator is a tool designed to help you quickly determine the oscillation frequency of an LC circuit. An LC oscillator is an electronic oscillator that uses an inductor (L) and a capacitor (C) to generate an oscillating signal. This type of circuit is widely used in various electronic applications, including radio transmitters, signal generators, and clocks. By inputting the values of inductance and capacitance, the calculator provides the frequency of oscillation, saving you the time and effort of manual calculations.

Formula of LC Oscillator Calculator

An LC oscillator produces an oscillating signal based on the values of the inductor and capacitor in the circuit. The frequency of oscillation for an LC circuit can be determined using the following formula:

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LC Oscillator


  • f is the frequency of oscillation in hertz (Hz)
  • L is the inductance in henries (H)
  • C is the capacitance in farads (F)

Pre-Calculated Values

To assist users who frequently need to reference common values, here is a table of pre-calculated oscillation frequencies for various inductance and capacitance values. This can be useful for quick reference without the need for manual calculations or the calculator itself.

Inductance (L)Capacitance (C)Frequency (f)
1 μH1 pF159.15 MHz
10 μH10 pF15.92 MHz
100 μH100 pF1.59 MHz
1 mH1 nF159.15 kHz
10 mH10 nF15.92 kHz
100 mH100 nF1.59 kHz

These values are derived from the formula mentioned earlier, ensuring accurate and reliable reference points for various electronic applications.

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Example of LC Oscillator Calculator

Let's consider an example to illustrate how the LC Oscillator Calculator works.

Suppose you have an LC circuit with an inductance of 10 μH (microhenries) and a capacitance of 100 pF (picofarads). To find the oscillation frequency, you would use the formula:

f = 1 / (2 * π * √(10 * 10^(-6) H * 100 * 10^(-12) F))

Simplifying the calculation:

f ≈ 1 / (2 * 3.14159 * √(1 * 10^(-15)))

f ≈ 1 / (1.9869 * 10^(-6)) ≈ 503.29 kHz

So, the frequency of oscillation for this LC circuit is approximately 503.29 kHz.

Most Common FAQs

How does the LC Oscillator Calculator determine the frequency?

The LC Oscillator Calculator uses the formula f = 1 / (2 * π * √(L * C)) to calculate the oscillation frequency. By inputting the inductance (L) and capacitance (C) values, the calculator provides the frequency in hertz (Hz).

Why is it important to know the frequency of an LC oscillator?

Knowing the frequency of an LC oscillator is crucial for designing and tuning electronic circuits. It ensures that the oscillator operates at the desired frequency, which is essential for the proper functioning of radio transmitters, receivers, and other electronic devices.

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