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Inrush Calculator Online

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The Inrush Calculator is a valuable tool used in electrical engineering to estimate the initial surge of current when an electrical circuit or device is turned on. This surge, known as inrush current, occurs due to the sudden demand for electrical power when capacitors charge or due to the magnetizing of inductors.

Formula of Inrush Calculator

The formula to calculate inrush current (Iinrush) using the Inrush Calculator is given by:

Iinrush = (V / R) * (1 - e^(-t / τ))


  • Iinrush is the inrush current (initial current).
  • V is the voltage across the circuit or device (in volts, V).
  • R is the resistance of the circuit or device (in ohms, Ω).
  • t is the time in seconds (s).
  • τ (tau) is the time constant of the circuit, which is equal to L / R, where L is the inductance of the circuit (in henrys, H).
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Table of General Terms

Here’s a table of commonly used terms related to inrush current:

InrushInitial surge of current in an electrical system.
Voltage (V)Measure of electrical potential difference.
Resistance (R)Opposition to the flow of current in a circuit.
Time (t)Duration or period in seconds.
Time Constant (τ)Measure of the time taken for a system to reach a steady state.

Example of Inrush Calculator

Consider a circuit with a voltage of 12V, a resistance of 100Ω, a time duration of 5 seconds, and an inductance of 0.2H. Using the Inrush Calculator, we can determine the inrush current by substituting these values into the formula:

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Iinrush = (12 / 100) * (1 - e^(-5 / (0.2 / 100)))

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the significance of calculating inrush current?

A: Calculating inrush current helps in designing electrical systems to handle the initial surge, preventing potential damage to components and ensuring system stability.

Q: How can the Inrush Calculator be useful in practical applications?

A: The Calculator assists engineers and technicians in estimating the initial current to appropriately size circuit breakers, fuses, and other protective devices.

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