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Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight Calculator

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A Rectangular Hollow Tube, often termed as a rectangular hollow section (RHS), is a type of metal profile with a hollow tubular cross-section. It’s frequently used in construction and structural applications, where its weight plays a pivotal role. To help professionals and enthusiasts alike determine this weight easily, we use a tool known as the Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight Calculator. This invaluable tool incorporates a specific formula to provide an accurate weight estimation of the tube based on its dimensions and material density.

Understanding the Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight Calculator

The Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight Calculator is an essential tool designed to provide quick, accurate weight estimations of rectangular hollow tubes. It works based on the precise measurements of the tube’s dimensions and its material’s density. By using this calculator, professionals can efficiently determine the weight of these tubes, which is critical for various structural calculations, transportation logistics, and cost estimations.

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The Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight Formula and Its Variables

The calculator operates using a specific formula:

W = (H*W – (W-t * H-t))*L*D


  • W represents the Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight in lbs.
  • H is the height of the tube in inches.
  • W is the width of the tube in inches.
  • t stands for the thickness of the tube wall in inches.
  • L denotes the length of the tube in feet.
  • D refers to the density of the tube in lbs/ft^3.

To calculate the weight of a hollow rectangular tube, the calculator first finds the difference between the total volume and the inner volume, then multiplies the result by the material’s density.

A Detailed Example

Let’s illustrate this formula’s operation with a concrete example. Suppose we have a rectangular hollow tube with the following specifications:

  • Width: 6 inches
  • Height: 2 inches
  • Wall Thickness: 0.7 inches
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Material Density: 333 lbs/ft^3
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Substituting these values into the formula:

W = (2*6 – (6-0.7 * 2-0.7))*8*333 = 1134.42 lbs

Hence, the weight of this specific rectangular hollow tube is 1134.42 lbs.

Practical Applications of the Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight Calculator

The Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight Calculator finds its usage in a variety of fields. In construction, it helps in planning and estimating the weight of building structures that use rectangular hollow tubes, thereby enabling accurate load calculations and structural integrity assessments. In the manufacturing industry, it assists in inventory management, as the weight of materials directly affects storage and transportation costs. Engineers and architects also find it useful for designing structures, where weight plays a significant role in the safety and functionality of the final product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the tube’s weight significant?

The tube’s weight is essential for load calculations, cost estimations, and ensuring structural safety in construction and manufacturing projects.

Can the calculator be used for tubes of any size?

Yes, the calculator can be used for tubes of any size, as long as the dimensions are accurately measured and the material’s density is known.


The Rectangular Hollow Tube Weight Calculator is a valuable tool in construction, manufacturing, and various other industries. It aids professionals in managing their projects more efficiently by providing an accurate weight estimation of the materials involved. Understanding how it works and applying it in practical scenarios can significantly streamline processes and improve the overall output. As we progress into a more technologically inclined era, such calculators will continue to play an integral part in these fields, underscoring the importance of mastering their usage.

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