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Gable (Rake) Wall Height Calculator Online

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Gable walls, an integral part of many structures, are built to resist wind forces, provide privacy and enhance aesthetic appeal. The height of these walls varies, and that's where a Gable (Rake) Wall Height Calculator comes into play. This handy tool can calculate the height of a gable wall with precision, offering valuable insights for construction planning.


A Gable, also known as a Rake wall, is the triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a sloping roof. The height of this wall is crucial for both structural stability and aesthetic appearance, and it's computed based on the roof pitch and horizontal distance to the peak of the gable. The Gable (Rake) Wall Height Calculator is designed to accurately compute this height.

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Working of the Gable (Rake) Wall Height Calculator

The calculator operates on a simple trigonometric principle: it uses the tangent of the pitch angle and the horizontal distance to compute the gable wall height. You just input these two values, and it instantly outputs the calculated height, providing an efficient solution to otherwise complex manual calculations.

Formula and Variable Descriptions

The calculator uses the formula: Height of Gable Wall = Horizontal Distance * Tan(Pitch Angle). Here, the Horizontal Distance is the distance between the eaves and the roof's peak, measured in meters. The Pitch Angle is the angle at which the roof slopes, usually expressed in degrees. Both of these inputs are critical for accurately calculating the gable wall height.

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Suppose the horizontal distance is 5 meters and the pitch angle is 30 degrees. By inputting these values into the calculator, we find that the height of the gable wall is approximately 2.89 meters.


Architectural Design

In architectural design, the calculator can assist in visualizing and planning the exterior facade of buildings, ensuring aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Construction Estimation

The calculator can also be used in construction estimation to calculate material needs, which helps in project budgeting and scheduling.

Most Common FAQs

What values must I use for the Gable (Rake) Wall Height Calculator?

You need two fundamental values: the horizontal distance between the eaves, the gable's peak, and the roof's pitch angle. Both should be measured accurately for precise results.


The Gable (Rake) Wall Height Calculator is a practical construction and architectural design tool. It streamlines calculating the height of a gable wall, thereby facilitating better planning and implementation of construction projects. Whether you're an architect, a builder, or a homeowner, this tool can prove invaluable in your projects.

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