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Cedar Siding Cost Calculator Online

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The Cedar Siding Cost Calculator is a specialized tool designed to help homeowners and contractors estimate the cost of installing cedar siding on a property. By inputting simple measurements, users can get a quick and accurate estimation of the necessary budget, enhancing the planning and decision-making process.

Formula of Cedar Siding Cost Calculator

To determine the cost of cedar siding, the calculator uses a straightforward formula:

Total Cost = Area x Cost per Unit Area

Steps to Calculate:

  • Measure the Area: First, determine the total area to be covered by the siding, calculated as:
    • Area = Length x Height
  • Determine the Cost per Unit Area: Next, ascertain the cost per square foot of cedar siding, which varies depending on the cedar type and supplier. The typical price range is $5,240 to $8,130.
  • Calculate the Total Cost: Multiply the area by the cost per unit area to arrive at the total installation cost.
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Table of General Terms

Table of Useful Calculations and Conversions for Cedar Siding

DescriptionFormula/ConversionExample Calculation
Square Footage CalculationArea = Length (ft) × Height (ft)For a wall 10 ft high and 50 ft long: 10 ft × 50 ft = 500 sq ft
Conversion from Square Feet to Square Meters1 sq ft = 0.092903 sq metersFor 500 sq ft: 500 × 0.092903 = 46.45 sq meters
Cost per Square MeterCost per sq meter = Cost per sq ft × 10.764If cost is $6.685 per sq ft: $6.685 × 10.764 = $71.99 per sq meter
Board Length RequirementTotal length = Area / Width of boardIf using 6-inch wide boards for 500 sq ft: 500 ft² / 0.5 ft = 1000 ft of boards
Waste Factor CalculationTotal material = Area × (1 + Waste Factor)Assuming 10% waste for 500 sq ft: 500 ft² × 1.10 = 550 sq ft
Paint or Stain CoverageCoverage needed = Area / Coverage per unitIf one gallon covers 200 sq ft, for 500 sq ft: 500 / 200 = 2.5 gallons

Example of Cedar Siding Cost Calculator

Consider a home needing 500 square feet of cedar siding. If the cost per square foot is approximately $6,685 (average), the total cost calculation would be:

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Total Cost = 500 ft² x $6,685/ft² = $3,342,500

Most Common FAQs

What is the lifespan of cedar siding?

Cedar siding typically lasts between 20 to 40 years, depending on maintenance.

Can I install cedar siding myself?

While it is possible, professional installation is recommend for the best results.

How do I maintain cedar siding?

Regular cleaning and occasional sealing or staining are recommend to preserve its appearance and durability.

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