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Cedar Shake Roof Cost Calculator Online

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When planning a roofing project, budgeting becomes an important aspect to consider. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to replace your old roof, or a contractor trying to provide accurate quotes, having a detailed cost estimate can prove to be incredibly helpful. In this article, we introduce a tool that could streamline your budgeting process: the Cedar Shake Roof Cost Calculator.

Definition of Cedar Shake Roof Cost Calculator

The Cedar Shake Roof Cost Calculator is an innovative online tool designed to offer instant and accurate cost estimates for cedar shake roofing projects. By inputting key parameters like roof size, cedar shake type, quantity, labor costs, and other additional material costs, this calculator offers you a comprehensive budget estimate, allowing for precise planning and execution of your roofing projects.

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Working of the Calculator

The Cedar Shake Roof Cost Calculator works by integrating several variables to provide a cost estimate. It starts by asking for the roof size in square feet, the cost per cedar shake, the number of shakes needed, labor cost, cost of additional materials, and a waste factor (a percentage of the total materials to account for waste during the installation process). Once these inputs are provided, the calculator processes this data and generates an accurate estimate for the total roofing project cost.

Calculation Formula

The calculator works by summing up the total cost of cedar shakes (number of shakes needed multiplied by the cost per shake), labor cost, and the cost of additional materials. It then adds a waste factor by taking a certain percentage of the total materials cost. The formula is as follows:

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Total cost = (Number of Shakes * Cost per Shake) + Labor Cost + Additional Materials Cost + (Waste Factor * Total Materials Cost)

An Example

Let’s say you have a roof of 2000 sq.ft., each cedar shake costs $1, you need 1000 shakes, labor cost is $3000, additional materials cost $1000 and a waste factor of 5%. The total cost calculated would be $6000.


This calculator finds its usefulness in a range of scenarios:

DIY Homeowners: Homeowners who are keen on DIY roofing projects can use this tool to estimate their budget.

Roofing Contractors: Contractors can provide more accurate quotes to their clients using this calculator.

Architects and Builders: For large scale projects, architects and builders can use this calculator to plan their budget effectively.

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Most Common FAQs

How accurate does the Cedar Shake Roof Cost Calculator provide the estimates?

The accuracy of the estimates largely depends on the accuracy of the input data. The more precise your inputs are, the more accurate your cost estimate will be

Can the calculator consider the cost of other materials?

Yes, the calculator provides an option to add the cost of additional materials which are not included in the primary calculation.


Efficient budgeting is crucial for a successful roofing project, and our Cedar Shake Roof Cost Calculator is designed to facilitate just that. Whether you’re a homeowner, a contractor, or a builder, you’ll find this tool to be an invaluable resource in your roofing projects.

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