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pH pOH H+ OH- Calculator Online

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The pH pOH H+ OH- Calculator is a powerful tool used in chemistry to determine various parameters related to the acidity and basicity of a solution. It helps users calculate the pH and pOH values, as well as the concentrations of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-) in a solution. By inputting the concentration of either H+ or OH-, the calculator can automatically determine the corresponding pH or pOH value, and vice versa. This tool is invaluable for scientists, students, and professionals working in fields such as chemistry, biology, environmental science, and medicine.

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Formula of pH pOH H+ OH- Calculator

The calculations performed by the pH pOH H+ OH- Calculator are based on fundamental principles of chemistry. Here are the formulas used:

pH calculation: pH=−log⁡10([H+])pH=−log10​([H+])

pOH calculation: pOH=−log⁡10([OH−])pOH=−log10​([OH−])

H+ concentration calculation: [H+]=10−pH[H+]=10−pH

OH- concentration calculation: [OH−]=10−pOH[OH−]=10−pOH

General Terms Table

Here are some general terms related to pH, pOH, H+, and OH- that people commonly search for:

pHMeasure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution.
pOHMeasure of hydroxide ion concentration in a solution.
Hydrogen IonPositively charged ion, represented as H+.
Hydroxide IonNegatively charged ion, represented as OH-.
AcidicSolutions with pH values less than 7, indicating higher concentration of H+ ions.
BasicSolutions with pH values greater than 7, indicating higher concentration of OH- ions.
NeutralSolutions with pH values equal to 7, indicating equal concentration of H+ and OH- ions.

Example of pH pOH H+ OH- Calculator

Suppose we have a solution with a hydrogen ion concentration of 1×10−31×10−3 mol/L. Using the Calculator, we can determine the pH of this solution as follows:

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Most Common FAQs

Q: What is the significance of pH and pOH in chemistry?

A: pH and pOH values indicate the acidity or basicity of a solution, which is crucial for understanding chemical reactions, biological processes, and environmental conditions.

Q: How do I use the Calculator?

A: Simply input the known value (either pH, pOH, [H+], or [OH-]) into the corresponding field, and the calculator will automatically compute the other parameters.

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