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ORP to Chlorine Calculator Online

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The ORP to Chlorine Calculator serves as a pivotal tool in understanding and managing water quality, specifically in the context of chlorine levels. This calculator aids in determining the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) change concerning chlorine concentrations, enabling users to gauge the effectiveness of disinfection processes.

Formula of ORP to Chlorine Calculator

The calculation performed by the Calculator utilizes the following formula:

ORP_change (mV) = 59.16 × log10([OCl-] / [HOCl])


  • ORP_change represents the alteration in ORP, measured in millivolts (mV).
  • [OCl-] signifies the concentration of hypochlorite ions, measured in moles per liter.
  • [HOCl] stands for the concentration of hypochlorous acid, also measured in moles per liter.
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General Terms Table

To facilitate user understanding and offer quick reference, here is a table of frequently searched terms that relate to ORP and Chlorine levels:

ORPOxidation-Reduction Potential, a measure of water's ability to oxidize or reduce contaminants.
Chlorine ConcentrationThe quantity of chlorine present in a given volume of water.
Hypochlorite IonsChemical species formed when chlorine is dissolved in water.
Hypochlorous AcidA weak acid, a component of chlorine, used in disinfection.

Example of ORP to Chlorine Calculator

Let's consider an example: a swimming pool maintenance scenario. By inputting the respective concentrations of hypochlorite ions and hypochlorous acid into the calculator, one can swiftly ascertain the ORP change. This indicates the effectiveness of the chlorine solution in disinfecting the pool water, ensuring a safe swimming environment.

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Most Common FAQs

Q: What is the significance of ORP in water quality?

A: ORP reflects the oxidative or reductive potential of water, crucial for assessing its ability to neutralize contaminants.

Q: How does the ORP to Chlorine Calculator assist in water treatment?

A: It aids in quantifying the efficiency of chlorine-based disinfection processes, ensuring optimal water quality.

Q: Is there an ideal ORP range for safe water?

A: Generally, an ORP range of +650 to +750 mV is considered effective for water disinfection.

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