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Enantiomeric Excess Calculator Online

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The Enantiomeric Excess Calculator is a pivotal tool in chemistry use to determine the imbalance between two enantiomers present in a sample. Enantiomers are molecules that are mirror images of each other but cannot be superimposed, much like our hands. This calculator helps quantify the excess of one enantiomer over its mirror image in a given chemical reaction or mixture.

Formula of Enantiomeric Excess Calculator

The formula for calculating Enantiomeric Excess (EE) is expressed as a percentage:

EE (%) = [(R – S) / (R + S)] x 100


  • EE (%) represents the enantiomeric excess.
  • R stands for the quantity or moles of the major enantiomer (the one in greater quantity).
  • S represents the quantity or moles of the minor enantiomer (the one in lesser quantity).
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Table for General Terms

EnantiomerMirror-image molecules that cannot be superimposed.
ChiralityProperty of asymmetry in molecules.
Racemic MixtureEqual quantities of both enantiomers.
Optical ActivityAbility of substances to rotate plane-polarized light.

Adding a table with commonly searched terms helps users understand the jargon associated with enantiomeric calculations without having to perform the calculations each time.

Example of Enantiomeric Excess Calculator

Let’s consider an example: In a chemical reaction, if there are 60 moles of the major enantiomer (R) and 20 moles of the minor enantiomer (S), we can calculate the enantiomeric excess using the formula.

EE (%) = [(60 – 20) / (60 + 20)] x 100 = (40 / 80) x 100 = 0.5 x 100 = 50%

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Most Common FAQs

1. What does Enantiomeric Excess indicate?

Enantiomeric Excess indicates the excess of one enantiomer over its mirror image in a sample, elucidating the efficiency of a chemical reaction or the purity of a compound.

2. Why is Enantiomeric Excess important?

Enantiomeric Excess is crucial in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals as it determines the effectiveness and safety of drugs and crop protection agents.

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