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dsRNA Molecular Weight Calculator

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In the field of molecular biology, determining the molecular weight of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) is crucial for various applications such as gene silencing, RNA interference studies, and more. The dsRNA Molecular Weight Calculator provides an easy and efficient method to compute the molecular weight of dsRNA given the number of base pairs.

Working Principle:

The calculator operates based on a simplified assumption frequently used in molecular biology: each base pair in a dsRNA molecule has an approximate molecular weight of 650 g/mol. The total molecular weight of the dsRNA molecule is thus estimated by multiplying the number of base pairs by this assumed weight per base pair.

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The steps of calculation in the dsRNA Molecular Weight Calculator are as follows:

  1. Input the length of dsRNA in terms of the number of base pairs.
  2. Click the ‘Calculate’ button to compute the molecular weight.


Molecular Weight of dsRNA = (Number of Base Pairs) * (650 g/mol)

For example, if a dsRNA molecule contains 1000 base pairs, the molecular weight will be approximately 650,000 g/mol.


This dsRNA Molecular Weight Calculator is a handy tool for scientists and researchers working with dsRNA molecules, allowing for quick and easy estimations of molecular weight. However, for more precise calculations, especially when dealing with complex dsRNA sequences, additional considerations and detailed sequence analysis may be required.

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Remember to use this tool as a first-approach estimation, and always cross-check your results with appropriate analytical methods in your lab!

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