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Delrin Weight Calculator | Your Tool for Precise

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When working with Delrin, a common thermoplastic, it’s crucial to know the weight of the material for accurate project calculations. This blog introduces an efficient tool for this purpose – the Delrin Weight Calculator.


Delrin, a type of Acetal resin, is renowned for its high strength, rigidity, and resistance to various environmental factors. The Delrin Weight Calculator is a computational tool that determines the weight of a Delrin material based on its dimensions and density.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The Delrin Weight Calculator employs a straightforward formula. First, it calculates the volume of the Delrin material using its length, width, and thickness. Then, it multiplies the volume by the density to determine the weight of the Delrin piece.

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The Formula and Description of Variables

The weight of Delrin (Wd) is calculated using the formula:

Wd = L * W * T * d.

Here, ‘L’ represents length, ‘W’ signifies width, and ‘T’ indicates thickness (all in inches). ‘d’ is the density of Delrin, typically .05222 lbs/in^3.

Example of Calculation

Let’s illustrate this with an example.

Suppose the dimensions of a Delrin piece are 20 meters each in length, width, and thickness, and the density is 22 Kg/m^3.

Plugging these values into the calculator, we find the Delrin weight to be 176,000 kg.

Applications of Delrin Weight Calculator

Engineering and Construction

In engineering and construction, accurate weight calculations of Delrin materials are vital for load-bearing structures.

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In the manufacturing sector, understanding the weight of Delrin helps in determining transportation costs and safety measures.

Scientific Research

In research, it assists in precise measurements, necessary for experimental accuracy and repeatability.


How accurate is the Delrin Weight Calculator?

The calculator is as accurate as the inputs provided. It uses precise mathematical computations based on the formula and values entered.

What units does the calculator use?

The calculator typically uses inches for dimensions and pounds for weight. However, it can accommodate other units like meters and kilograms.


A Delrin Weight Calculator is an invaluable tool for industries dealing with this sturdy thermoplastic. It ensures precision in projects, saving time and resources, and helping to guarantee safety and efficiency.

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