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Revenue Share (revshare) Calculator

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Revenue sharing, commonly referred to as “rev-share”, is a popular financial model in a business where profits are distributed among stakeholders, typically based on their investment or contribution. It is especially prevalent in industries such as advertising, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing.

To simplify calculations and reduce errors, a Revenue Share Calculator is used. This tool allows you to quickly determine the share of revenue that should be allocated to a given individual or entity based on a predefined percentage agreement.

How Does the Revenue Share Calculator Work?

The Revenue Share Calculator is a straightforward tool. It requires only two inputs – the total revenue generated ($) and the agreed percentage share (%). Once these figures are entered, it performs the calculation based on the Revenue Share Formula and provides the resulting revenue share as an output.

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Understanding the Revenue Share Formula and its Variables

The formula used by the Revenue Share Calculator is:


The variables in this formula are:

  • Revshare – This is the output and represents the Revenue Share in dollars ($).
  • TR – This is the total revenue ($) generated by the business or project.
  • PR – This is the agreed percentage of revenue (%) to be shared with the individual or entity.

The formula is executed by multiplying the total revenue (TR) by the percentage share (PR) and then dividing the product by 100.

Detailed Example of Revenue Share Calculation

Let’s consider an example where the total revenue is $3333 and the agreed percentage share with an individual is 33%.

Using the Revenue Share formula:

Revshare = 3333 * 33/100

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This gives us:

Revshare = $1099.89

In this scenario, an individual who was entitled to a 33% revenue share would receive $1099.89 from total revenue of $3333.

Applications of the Revenue Share Calculator

The Revenue Share Calculator has broad applications across multiple business domains. It is particularly valuable in:

  • Affiliate marketing, where a percentage of revenue is shared with affiliates based on their marketing efforts.
  • Partnerships and joint ventures, where profits are divided according to the agreement.
  • Employee compensation plans, where employees receive a share of the profits as part of their salary package.
  • Advertising, where revenue is shared between content creators and ad networks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Revenue Share Calculator

What is a Revenue Share Calculator?

A Revenue Share Calculator is a tool that simplifies the calculation of revenue to be shared based on a predetermined agreement.

What information do I need to use the Revenue Share Calculator?

You need to know the total revenue and the agreed percentage of revenue to be shared.

Where is the Revenue Share Calculator typically used?

It is commonly used in affiliate marketing, advertising, partnerships and joint ventures, and employee compensation planning.


The Revenue Share Calculator is an essential tool for any business or individual engaged in a revenue-sharing agreement. By understanding its workings, formula, and applications, you can easily calculate your or others’ share of profits, promoting transparency and trust among all stakeholders. Always remember, the key to successful revenue sharing is a clear agreement and fair distribution.

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