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Qualified Personal Residence Trust Calculator Online

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In the realm of estate planning, numerous strategies can aid in asset preservation. One such strategy involves the use of a Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT). As complex as it might sound, our handy QPRT Calculator simplifies the process.

Definition of Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT)

A Qualified Personal Residence Trust is a legal arrangement where an individual transfers their residence into a trust for a predetermined term. After the term, the residence transfers to the designated beneficiaries, often at a reduced gift tax cost.

Understanding the QPRT Calculator

The QPRT Calculator is a useful tool for those considering a QPRT. It calculates the value of the trust by considering factors like the current market value of the residence, the discount rate, and the term of the trust. Using it, you can better plan your estate.

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The QPRT Calculator Formula and Variable Descriptions

The QPRT Calculator works using a simple formula:

QPRT Value = Current Market Value of Residence / (1 + (Discount Rate x Term))


  • The "Current Market Value of Residence" represents the fair value of the property being transferred.
  • The "Discount Rate" is the interest rate used, based on the Section 7520 rate published monthly by the IRS.
  • The "Term" refers to the duration in years that you want the QPRT to last.

A Practical Example of Using the QPRT Calculator

Assume your home is worth $500,000, the discount rate is 0.03, and you set the term for 10 years. By inputting these values into our QPRT Calculator, it determines the value of the trust, thus providing insight into potential tax savings.

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Applications of the QPRT Calculator

The Qualified Personal Residence Trust Calculator Online is used in various scenarios, mainly for estate planning and tax purposes. It aids in decision-making by providing an estimated value of the trust. Thus, it is an indispensable tool for individuals, financial planners, and tax advisors.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the tax implications of a QPRT?

The tax implications of a QPRT can be complex, but generally, the trust helps reduce the value of your estate and the associated estate taxes.


The Calculator serves as a helpful tool in making informed decisions about estate planning. By calculating the QPRT value, individuals can anticipate the financial implications and plan accordingly.

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