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Fat Quarter Shop Cross Stitch Calculator Online

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Cross-stitching, a soothing hobby for many, requires precision and careful planning. With the Fat Quarter Shop Cross Stitch Calculator, you can eliminate guesswork, ensuring your project comes out exactly as you’ve envisioned. This tool helps you calculate the stitch count and fabric size required based on your design size and fabric count.


The Fat Quarter Shop Cross Stitch Calculator is a digital tool designed to help cross-stitch enthusiasts determine the appropriate fabric size and stitch count required for their projects. Considering factors like the desired finished size and fabric count provides accurate calculations to guide you through your crafting process.

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Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The calculator operates through simple input-output processes. Firstly, you input your desired finished size in inches (both width and height), and the fabric count (stitches per inch). The calculator multiplies these values to find the stitch count. It then uses these values to calculate the fabric size needed by dividing the stitch count by the fabric count.

Formula Explanation and Variable Description

To determine the fabric size, the formula is

Stitch Count / Fabric Count = Fabric Size.

Here, ‘Finished Size’ represents the desired size of the project, and ‘Fabric Count’ refers to the number of stitches per inch the fabric can accommodate.

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For instance, suppose you aim for a finished design size of 5 inches by 7 inches on a 14-count fabric. The calculator will find the stitch count as (5×14) by (7×14), or 70 by 98 stitches. It will then calculate the fabric size as (70/14) by (98/14), resulting in a 5 by 7 inches fabric size.


Custom Cross-stitch Projects

This calculator is especially useful for those who create custom cross-stitch projects. It allows for precise planning, ensuring the finished work matches the intended design.

Cross-stitch Product Manufacturing

Businesses involved in producing cross-stitch products can also leverage this tool. It aids in determining the fabric size required for large-scale production, improving efficiency and reducing waste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fabric count mean in cross-stitching?

Fabric count refers to the number of stitches that can be made per inch on the fabric. Higher fabric counts result in smaller, more detailed stitches.

How does stitch count impact my cross-stitch project?

Stitch count dictates the size of your design on the fabric. Knowing the stitch count helps ensure your design fits the fabric as intended and allows for precise planning.


The Fat Quarter Shop Cross Stitch Calculator is invaluable for any cross-stitch enthusiast. By providing precise calculations on stitch count and fabric size, it helps users avoid common pitfalls in planning their projects, saving time, and reducing material waste.

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