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Chromaline Exposure Calculator Online

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In screen printing and photolithography, precise control of exposure time is paramount. This introduces the need for a dedicated tool: the Chromaline Exposure Calculator.


The Chromaline Exposure Calculator is a specialized calculator that determines the ideal exposure time for photographic emulsion processes. It effectively balances various factors to yield the best possible results in film development.

Working of the Calculator

The Chromaline Exposure Calculator employs a defined formula, taking into account three main variables: Film Speed, Reciprocity Value, and a given Factor. By accurately assessing these inputs, the calculator accurately predicts the optimal exposure time.

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Exposure Time Formula

The calculator uses the formula: Exposure Time = (Film Speed + Reciprocity Value) x Factor. Film Speed refers to the emulsion's sensitivity, Reciprocity Value accommodates for the emulsion's non-linear response to long exposure times, and the Factor considers the light source intensity, distance from the light source, and mesh count.

Example: Calculating Exposure Time

For instance, if you have a Film Speed of 100 ISO, a Reciprocity Value of 0.7, and a Factor of 1.5, the Exposure Time = (100+0.7)x1.5 = 150.05 seconds.


Screen Printing

In screen printing, managing exposure time is crucial to develop sharp images on the print medium. The calculator aids in determining the perfect exposure time for high-quality prints.

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Similarly, in photolithography, it assists in controlling the exposure of photosensitive material to light, which is critical for producing intricate electronic circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Chromaline Exposure Calculator?

A Chromaline Exposure Calculator is a tool that helps determine the optimal exposure time for screen printing and photolithography processes. It calculates the time using specific variables like Film Speed, Reciprocity Value, and a certain Factor.

Why is the Factor variable important in the formula?

The Factor variable accounts for the light source's intensity, the distance from the light source, and the mesh count. It essentially integrates environmental and equipment parameters into the calculation, thus leading to a more accurate result.

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The Chromaline Exposure Calculator, with its precise control over exposure time, stands as an indispensable tool in screen printing and photolithography. By understanding its working and applications, you can significantly enhance the quality of your prints and develop a better grasp of photographic emulsion processes.

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