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Hay Calculator for Horses Online

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Understanding how much hay to feed your horse is a crucial aspect of horse care. Providing too much or too little feed can lead to health problems. This is where the “Hay Calculator for Horses” comes in handy. This calculator enables you to determine the amount of hay your horse needs each day. Here’s how it works, with an example to illustrate.

How the Hay Calculator for Horses Works

The “Hay Calculator for Horses” operates on a simple principle: it’s commonly accepted that a horse should eat a certain percentage of its body weight in hay each day. This percentage typically ranges from 1% to 3% and varies based on factors like the horse’s activity level and metabolic rate.

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The calculator uses two main input fields: the horse’s weight and the percentage of body weight needed in hay. Upon entering these values and clicking the ‘Calculate’ button, the calculator outputs the amount of hay (in the same weight units as entered) that the horse needs per day.

The ‘Reset’ button is also available for clearing all fields, allowing for new calculations without having to manually erase the previous inputs.

The Formula

The formula used by the “Hay Calculator for Horses” is straightforward and follows this structure:

Hay needed per day = Horse's weight * (Percentage of body weight needed in hay / 100)

This formula effectively calculates the required daily hay as a percentage of the horse’s body weight.

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For instance, let’s say we have a horse that weighs 1,200 pounds, and we’ve determined that this horse needs 2% of its body weight in hay per day. Here’s how we would use the calculator:

  1. In the ‘Horse’s weight’ field, we enter 1200 (for 1200 pounds).
  2. In the ‘Percentage of body weight needed in hay’ field, we enter 2 (for 2%).
  3. We then click the ‘Calculate’ button.

The calculator would then perform the calculation: 1200 * (2 / 100), resulting in 24. Thus, our 1,200-pound horse requires 24 pounds of hay per day.


The “Hay Calculator for Horses” is a simple but effective tool for ensuring your horse receives the right amount of hay each day. Always remember, though, that while it provides a good baseline, every horse is unique. Other factors such as health conditions, exercise levels, and the quality of the hay should also be taken into account. Always consult with a veterinary professional or equine nutritionist for the most accurate feeding guidelines.

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