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Smart Pot Soil Calculator Online

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The Smart Pot Soil Calculator is designed to help gardeners accurately calculate the volume of soil needed for cylindrical smart pots. By inputting the dimensions of your pot, the calculator provides a precise measurement, eliminating guesswork and ensuring that your plants have the right amount of soil for healthy growth.

Formula of Smart Pot Soil Calculator

The formula to calculate the volume of soil needed for a cylindrical smart pot is:

Smart Pot Soil


  • V is the volume of soil needed.
  • π (pi) is approximately 3.14159.
  • r is the radius of the pot (half of the diameter).
  • h is the height of the pot.
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General Terms and Conversion Table

To make things easier, here is a table with common pot sizes and their corresponding soil volumes. This table can help you quickly find the amount of soil needed without performing the calculations each time.

Pot Diameter (inches)Pot Height (inches)Soil Volume (cubic inches)Soil Volume (cubic feet)

Example of Smart Pot Soil Calculator

Let's say you have a smart pot with a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 35 cm. To find out how much soil you need, you would use the formula:

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r = 25 / 2 = 12.5 cm h = 35 cm

V = 3.14159 * (12.5)² * 35 V ≈ 17.18 liters

So, you would need approximately 17.18 liters of soil for your pot.

Most Common FAQs

Q1: How do I convert cubic inches to cubic feet?

To convert cubic inches to cubic feet, divide the volume in cubic inches by 1,728 (since there are 1,728 cubic inches in a cubic foot).

Q2: Can I use the calculator for pots of different shapes?

This calculator is specifically design for cylindrical pots. For pots of different shapes, other formulas would be needed to accurately determine soil volume.

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