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Mean Length of Utterance Calculator Online

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Mean Length of Utterance (MLU) is a fundamental concept in the study of language development. The Mean Length of Utterance Calculator is an instrument that falls under the linguistic research tools category. It helps researchers, educators, and speech therapists gauge the complexity of an individual’s linguistic skills by assessing the average length of their spoken or written expressions.


Mean Length of Utterance, abbreviated as MLU, is a metric employed in linguistics to ascertain the average length of a person’s spoken or written expressions in terms of morphemes. A morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit of language, which may be a word itself or a component of a word, such as a prefix or suffix. MLU is critical in evaluating language development and competency.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The Mean Length of Utterance Calculator operates by taking two key inputs: the total number of morphemes and the total number of utterances in a given speech sample. It then utilizes a formula to calculate the MLU by dividing the total morphemes by the total utterances. This calculator is beneficial for linguists, educators, and speech therapists, as it provides a quantitative measure of language complexity and development.

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The Formula and Variables

The formula used by the Mean Length of Utterance Calculator is:

MLU = Total number of morphemes / Total number of utterances


  • Total number of morphemes refers to the sum of all the smallest meaningful units in the sample.
  • Total number of utterances represents the total count of complete expressions or sentences in the sample.

This formula is essential for generating the average length of utterances, which in turn provides insight into language development.


Consider a sample of speech containing 50 morphemes and 10 utterances. Using the formula:

MLU = 50 morphemes / 10 utterances = 5

This indicates that, on average, each utterance in the sample consists of 5 morphemes.

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Language Development

MLU is often used in evaluating the language development of children. By monitoring changes in MLU over time, it is possible to track a child’s linguistic progress.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists use MLU to analyze the complexity of a patient’s speech. This information is valuable for creating personalized treatment plans.

Linguistic Research

For linguists, MLU is an indispensable metric for studying language patterns and structures across different languages and demographics.

Most Common FAQs

What is the importance of MLU in language development?

MLU is crucial in language development as it provides a quantitative measure of linguistic complexity. By monitoring changes in MLU, educators and parents can gauge a child’s language development and tailor teaching strategies accordingly.

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How is MLU calculated?

MLU is calculated by dividing the total number of morphemes (the smallest meaningful units of language) by the total number of utterances (complete expressions or sentences) in a given speech or written sample.

Can MLU be used to detect language disorders?

Yes, MLU is a valuable tool in identifying potential language disorders. A significantly lower MLU compared to peers might indicate a language development issue that may require further evaluation and potentially speech therapy.


The Mean Length of Utterance Calculator is a vital tool in the field of linguistics, language development, and speech therapy. By offering a quantitative measure of language complexity, it allows researchers, educators, and therapists to better understand an individual’s language skills and make informed decisions about language instruction and intervention strategies. The ease of use and accessibility of this calculator make it a go-to resource for anyone interested in studying or facilitating language development.

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