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Book Of Mormon Reading Schedule Calculator Online

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Are you planning to read the Book of Mormon but are unsure where to start or how to pace yourself? The Book of Mormon Reading Schedule Calculator is here to help. This handy tool can give you a clear reading plan tailored to your daily reading ability, keeping your journey smooth and steady.

Definition of Reading Schedule Calculator

The Book of Mormon Reading Schedule Calculator is a digital tool that helps plan your reading of the Book of Mormon. It considers the number of pages or chapters you wish to read per day and calculates the total days needed to complete the book, thus creating a well-structured reading schedule.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The calculator is user-friendly and straightforward. You input the number of pages or chapters you plan to read per day, and it processes this information. Using a specific formula, the calculator computes the total number of days required for you to finish reading the Book of Mormon based on your daily reading input.

The Formula and Variables Description

The calculator’s formula is simple and efficient: it divides the total number of pages or chapters in the Book of Mormon (531 pages or 239 chapters) by the number of pages or chapters you intend to read daily. This division results in the total days you will need to complete your reading.


For instance, if you plan to read 5 pages per day, the calculator will divide 531 (total pages) by 5 (your daily reading), giving you 106.2 days. Hence, you would need approximately 107 days to complete the Book of Mormon.

Applications of the Calculator

Personal Reading Goals

The calculator assists in setting and achieving personal reading goals. It ensures steady and consistent progress, keeping you motivated throughout your spiritual journey.

Group Reading Plans

It’s also an excellent tool for group reading plans, enabling each member to stay on the same page (literally) and facilitating group discussions.

Most Common FAQs

How accurate is the Reading Schedule Calculator?

The Reading Schedule Calculator provides a close estimate based on the input you provide. It assumes that you are consistent in your daily reading.

Can I adjust my daily reading input?

Yes, you can adjust your daily reading input at any time. Doing so will recalculate and update your total reading days.


The Book of Mormon Reading Schedule Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone intending to read this sacred book. Whether you’re reading alone or part of a group, the calculator ensures that your spiritual journey is well-paced and enjoyable. Remember, the goal isn’t just to read but to understand and internalize the teachings of the Book of Mormon. Happy reading!

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