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Apush Exam Grade Calculator Online

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Preparing for the APUSH (Advanced Placement United States History) exam requires a deep understanding of the course material, along with effective strategies to manage time and stress. One tool that can be beneficial for students is the APUSH exam grade calculator. This device is specifically designed to predict exam scores based on the number of correct answers and free-response points earned.

Definition of APUSH Exam

The APUSH exam is a standardized test administered by the College Board. It's designed to measure a student's understanding of U.S. History at a college level. The test is divided into two sections: multiple-choice questions and free-response questions, with each section carrying a certain amount of points.

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Detailed Explanation of the APUSH Exam Grade Calculator

The APUSH exam grade calculator is a digital tool that helps students estimate their potential exam grades. Students can calculate their total score by inputting the total number of questions, the number of incorrect answers, the points per question, and the free-response points earned. This tool can help students better understand their performance and adjust their study strategies accordingly.

APUSH Calculator Formula

The calculator uses the following formula:

Total Score = (Number of questions answered correctly) x (Points per question) + (Number of free-response points earned)

The number of questions answered correctly is derived from the total number of questions minus the number of incorrect answers. Points per question vary depending on the year's specific exam.


For instance, let's say a student answers 70 out of 80 questions correctly on the multiple-choice section. The points per question are 1.5, and the student earns 7 free-response points. The total score would be:

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(70) x (1.5) + (7) = 112.5


Self-assessment: This calculator is a great tool for students to self-assess their understanding of the course material. By getting an idea of their possible exam score, they can identify areas for improvement.

Exam Preparation: It also aids in exam preparation by helping students strategize their study routine and focus on areas where they can gain the most points.

Most Common FAQs

What is the APUSH exam grade calculator?

The APUSH exam grade calculator is a tool that predicts the exam score based on the number of correct answers and free-response points earned. It uses a specific formula to calculate the total score, helping students gauge their exam readiness.

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How accurate is the APUSH exam grade calculator?

While the calculator provides an estimate, the exact score might vary depending on various factors, like the scoring rubric of that particular year's exam. However, it can be useful for self-assessment and planning study strategies.


The APUSH exam grade calculator is an effective tool for any student preparing for the APUSH exam. It provides an estimated exam score, helping students adjust their study strategy, identify strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately, aim for a better grade. Just remember, while this calculator is a helpful guide, consistent study and understanding of the course material is key to scoring well on the exam.

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